High Protein Breakfast Ideas

When you want to maintain a certain weight or want to stay full for longer, you know how essential a part protein plays in your diet. Most people get their daily dose of protein from lunch or dinner, but including it in your breakfast can do wonders for you.

Protein keeps you satiated for longer and provides the energy needed to function, which makes it perfect for beginning your day. When eating breakfast, you’re essentially breaking a long fast, so eating something that will nourish your body will replenish it. Protein gives you lots of energy and prevents your body from operating on no fuel. The right amount of protein for breakfast is close to 30 grams.

Most high protein breakfast ideas start with protein-rich foods such as:

  • eggs
  • lean meat like chicken, turkey
  • black beans
  • Greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • nut butter
  • protein powder

Breakfast Ideas

If you’re looking for high protein breakfast recipes, here’s a list of protein-rich ideas for breakfast:

  • Overnight oats: The much-loved overnight oats are also a great way of loading up on proteins in your first meal of the day. Mix the oats and your choice of protein powder and you can add water, any kind of unsweetened nut milk, or regular milk. Combine well and let it soak overnight, in the fridge. Top it with berries, nuts, seeds, nut butter, or any other topping for some extra protein.
  • Omelet: Eggs are the go-to option for a protein-rich breakfast. Mix some chopped vegetables, herbs, cheese, black beans, or meat, and top it with avocado, which will further boost your satiety.

  • Greek yogurt parfait: Greek yogurt has proteins of more than 20 grams per cup, making it an excellent choice of protein for breakfast. You can make a delicious breakfast parfait out of Greek yogurt. Use plain Greek yogurt with any toppings you like, such as nuts, seeds, nut butter, fruits, berries, granola, honey, etc. You can customize it according to your protein needs and make a delicious breakfast out of it.
  • Ricotta pancakes: Using yogurt and cottage cheese to make ricotta pancakes adds a lot of protein to your breakfast and gives you the best pancakes you’ve ever had. The yogurt and cheese helps produce the lightest, moistest pancakes. You can top these pancakes with any toppings of your choice, like a strawberry compote, maple syrup, nut butter, etc.