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Household Items that Double as Workout Equipment

Gyms and fitness studios are shut all across the country, making it difficult for some people to maintain their fitness goals. Most people don’t want to spend on gym equipment at home. Guess what? You can use household items that double as workout equipment. You can use household items as your kettlebell or your bench. You can even replicate popular gym lifts at home by using your household essentials as gym equipment.

Here are some home gym alternatives for gym machines:

  • Towels: The towel you use to dry yourself can be used for much more than just that. A towel can easily double up as a resistance band and help you to stretch your body. Using a towel can also result in an effective leg workout. For example, you can do knee tucks using a towel. In a plank position, place a towel under your feet. Pull both knees towards the chest at the same time while sliding the towel through the floor.
  • Chairs: A chair is a household essential found in every home. This piece of furniture can be used as a gym bench. A sturdy chair will help you do tricep dips or reverse lunges. For reverse lunges, keep your back straight and facing opposite to the chair. Put one foot on the chair and descend into a lunge.

Workout Equipment

  • Bottles and jugs: Any type of bottle or jug can double up as a dumbbell at home. You can use filled water bottles, laundry detergent jugs, milk bottles, etc. The goal is to mimic a dumbbell and work on your muscles and perform basic exercises like a bicep curl, front raises, tricep kickbacks, etc.
  • Filled backpack: A weighted vest can be replaced with a filled-up backpack to add extra weight to your body. This can help get your heart rate up faster, engage your muscles, and get the most out of your workout. A filled backpack is worn on your back or on your front.