Protect Your Skin

Protect Your Skin When Working Out

The benefits of working out for your physical and mental health are well known at this point. It is also seen that regular workouts can be good for your skin when you take proper post-workout care for it. When you go to a gym, you are sharing the same area and equipment as your peers, which can be a little gross, considering that it’s a bunch of sweaty people using the same machines as you.

You will end up touching your face during workouts for several reasons, but this could be spreading any potential germs. Touching your face and body frequently can let germs and bacteria get into your pores and harm your skin. Other factors such as your hairdo, hair products and even your towel, can affect your skin. So it is important to protect your skin when working out.

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Skincare tips when working out:

  • Skip makeup: When heading for a workout, it’s best to do it with a makeup-free face. As your body warms up during workouts, your pores open up, so you don’t want any makeup to get into your pores and settle there. Your skin should be able to breathe during a workout.
  • Don’t touch your face: Sweating is a great way of detoxifying your skin. But touching the same machines and equipment other sweaty people have used and then touching your face is not a good idea, as it can spread germs and bacteria onto your skin.
  • Wash your face: It’s important to wash your face and clean skin gently after a workout to remove the effects of sweat on your face and get rid of bacteria. It also helps your skin to cool off to prevent blood vessels from breaking and restore skin temperature to a normal level. This is an important skincare tip for sweaty people.

  • Carry your own towel: Many gyms provide towels for members’ use, but it’s best not to use them. Bring your own towel to ensure you know it’s clean at all times and made of cloth that is gentle on your skin. Also, using your own towel ensures that you won’t get an allergic reaction from the detergent used to clean it.
  • Moisturise post-wash: An important step in skincare after your workout is to moisturize your skin to prevent dryness. Also, take this chance to load up on sunscreen and protect your skin from light exposure.